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Welcome to Trigger outlaw Shooting Range & Gun Club, UTAH Premier Shooting Facility.

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Trigger Outlaw is a store that sells all caliber of ammunition, Firearms, Bullet Proofs and Bows, and Arrows. We are located in Utah, United States. We have everything from bulk ammo to cheap firearms in stock. The company was founded on the idea that people deserve to buy a gun without being intimidated or scared – we want you to be educated about guns so you can make an informed decision!


We offer online Gun Training Courses For Child Protection and Self Defense to everyone, not just for adults! Our instructors are all certified and trained by the NRA.


The owner of Trigger Outlaw is a Certified Pistol Instructor with over 20 years of experience teaching firearms classes in Utah. We are always looking to grow our team with qualified instructors who share our passion for training. If you live in Maine or would like to gain from our services, contact us. If you want to know more about guns, feel free to read through our blog or contact us at any time – we will answer all your questions!

Trigger Outlaw is a firearm instructor for adults and children in Maine, USA. We offer gun training courses for beginners and advanced shooters who are looking for fun on the range, protect us via our contact page or place your order by navigating through the various products we have in our shop.

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